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Kamananui Trail Division of Forestry and Wildlife


Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve (Moanalua section).  Easy hike through the lush forest of Kamananui Valley.  A City and County park provides bathrooms, potable water and garbage cans at the trail head. No such facilities are available within the valley itself.   Non-potable stream water can be found through out the valley.  All water should be treated. As access to campsites requires stream crossings, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO HIKE THIS TRAIL DURING HEAVY RAINS due to the possibility of flash flooding. 

Know before you go! All Forest Reserves will be closed during Tropical Storm and Hurricane Warnings.  Keep informed on weather conditions and forecasts. 

Campsites not designated.  Camping is allowed anywhere within the trail corridor (10 feet from center line) except for at the "Education Forest Project Site." The Education Forest Project Site is located approximately 150 yards past the large screen gate on the Ewa side of the road. This space must be kept available for our education field trips. The purpose of the site is to bring K-12 students into the forest and to teach them about natural resource management including native species and invasive species. The students help to malama the site by planting native plants, removing weedy species, learning about research taking place in the Forest Reserve, making leaf rubbings and other fun learning activities. For more information contact Kekai Mar at 808-518-8503.

NO GROUND FIRES.  Camp fires must be in a container such as a hibachi or 50 gallon drum.  Almost all wildfires in our Forest Reserves are caused by campfires.  Make sure you put it our before you hike out!

See the brochure, Hiking Safely in Hawaii

No changes will be accepted to an existing permit less than seven (7) days prior to the check-in date.  Permits are not transferable. No refunds will be given if requested within 15 days of your first scheduled camping day - all payments will be forfeited.  Permit must be printed, signed and in your possession while camping.


From Honolulu:Head west on Lunalilo Fwy I-H1. Near Middle Street keep left on Rte 78 and continue to "Moanalua Valley" Exit 19B. Once off the highway, turn right on Ala Aolani Street. Continue on Ala Aolani to the back of Moanalua Valley. The Moanalua Valley Park is at the end of the road. The trailhead is at the back of the park up the little dirt road.  Overnight parking is not allowed in Moanalua Valley Park - the gate is closed and locked at a certain time, which should be posted on the gate. Campers must find legal parking in the adjacent neighborhood. Please park responsibly and do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

Special Conditions

As access to campsites requires stream crossings, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO HIKE THIS TRAIL DURING HEAVY RAINS due to the possibility of flash flooding. Campsites not designated. Camping is allowed anywhere within the trail corridor (10 feet from center line).


icons/hazards/icon-flashflood.gif Flash Flood

icons/hazards/icon-fallingtree.png Falling Tree


icons/prohibited/no-motorizedvehicles.gif No Motorized Vehicles/ATV's

icons/prohibited/no-alcohol.gif No Alcoholic Beverages

icons/prohibited/no-openfires.gif No Open Fires

icons/prohibited/no-littering.gif No Littering/Dumping

icons/prohibited/no-hunting.gif No Hunting

icons/prohibited/no-commercial.gif No Commercial Activities

icons/prohibited/no-plantsanddirtrockremoval.gif No Plant Removal


icons/activities/icon-bicycle.gif Bicycles

icons/activities/icon-camping.gif Camping

icons/activities/icon-dogwithleash.gif Dogs on Leash

icons/activities/icon-hiking.gif Hiking

icons/activities/icon-wildlifeviewing.gif Wildlife Viewing


icons/amenities/icon-hiking.gif Hiking trails icons/amenities/icon-noportablewater.gif Non-potable water
icons/amenities/icon-no_restroom.gif NO Restrooms icons/amenities/icon-no_cellservice.gif NO Cell Service


icons/facilities/icon-nodrinkingwater.gif No Drinking Water

icons/facilities/icon-scenicview.gif Scenic Viewpoint

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