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Camping located at the end of Muliwai Trail, which begins by making a challenging ascent of 1200 feet in less than a mile on switch-backs cut into the wall of Waipio Valley. It then passes through 12 smaller gulches on a 5-mile course of moderate difficulty before dropping into Waimanu Valley on another challenging switch-back cut. Measured from the trailhead the Muliwai is 15.3 miles round trip. If you start your hike from the Waipio Lookout the round trip is approximately 19 miles. Trail is minimally maintained, steep, eroded in places, rocky, muddy and slippery when wet. There are nine designated campsites accomodating up to 10 campers. There are 2 composting outhouses and the trail shelter on the Muliwai trail has a pit toilet. Ther are four emergency helipads along the trail used for maintenance, fire and rescue teams only.

See the brochure, Hiking Safely in Hawaii



Highway 240 leads to the eastern edge of Waipio Valley. 9 miles from Waipio lookout to campsites, difficult hike, highest point 1,320 feet to sea level, regulated commerical activity permited.

Special Conditions

HAZARDS: WEATHER. This region of the Big Island receives over 100 inches of rain annually. Heavy rains regularly cause flash floods which can make attempted stream crossings POTENTIALLY FATAL. Use extreme caution when hiking in wet weather; footing can be slippery and rocks may be dislodged from slopes above the trail. High winds often cause tree and branch fall on the trail and in the campsites. High surf occasionally floods the camp grounds. Check local weather forecasts before departing on your trip.

HAZARDS: BIOLOGICAL. Leptospirosis, a disease causing, waterborne organism, should be considered to be present in all untreated water. Hepatitis is also a potential threat. TREAT ALL WATER BEFORE USE. Even spring water is not safe to drink without treatment.

Office hours, Hilo: M-F 7:45 AM-4:30 PM, Kamuela: M-F 7:00 AM-3:30 PM, CLOSED weekends and holidays, No refunds/alterations will be given if requested within 15 days of your first scheduled camping or lodging day-all payments are forfeited.



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