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Mokuleia Forest Reserve.  4WD access only.  Upper elevation, open meadow surrounded by Cook pine, eucalyptus and the occasional native tree. Sweeping views of north shore and excellent star gazing on clear nights.  Each campsite has a shelter.  NO WATER AVAILABLE.  Hiking  access to Mokuleia Trail.  Campsites are assigned upon purchase of permit. Check-out is by 12:00pm.  Check-in is any time after 2:00pm.

Know before you go! All Forest Reserves will be closed during Tropical Storm and Hurricane Warnings.  Keep informed on weather conditions and forecasts.

See the brochure, Hiking Safely in Hawaii

Occassionally, the Air Force closes vehicular access through the Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station at Yokohama for security reasons.  These closures may be unannounced.  It is recommended that you call the KPSTS land line is (808)697-4311 to check on potential closures

The Kuaokala Road will become extremely slippery and muddy during rain events and large mud puddles will form.  These conditions make the road impassable at times.  Watch the weather before going and during your trip.  Either cancel your trip, turn around or leave immediately should the weather dictate.  Neither the US Air Force nor DLNR has the equipment, training or staff for vehicle recovery services should you get stuck.  You will need to either contact an offroad towing service or get assistance elsewhere.  

NO GROUND FIRES.  Camp fires must be in a container such as a hibachi or 50 gallon drum.  Almost all wildfires in our Forest Reserves are caused by campfires.  Make sure you put it our before you hike out!

No changes will be accepted to an existing permit less than seven (7) days prior to the check-in date.  Permits are not transferable. No refunds will be given if requested within 15 days of your first scheduled camping day - all payments will be forfeited.  Permit must be printed, signed and in your possession while camping.


Drive west on H1 towards Waianae and along Farrington Highway until you reach Keawaula/Yokohama Bay in Waianae. Turn right and check in with your permit at the security guard station. Proceed up the road until you get to the intersection with the second guard shack on the left. Turn right at the stop sign and proceed past the Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station. Once past the tracking station, the road curves to the left and you will pass another intersection on the right. Adjacent to the next intersection is a large dirt parking area. Proceed past the parking area on the unpaved road that descends down into Manini Gulch. The campsite is 7.3 miles in. 4WD vehicles only. If you are hiking or biking, access is also available via the Mokuleia Forest Reserve Access Road, 4.2 miles (https://hawaiitrails.hawaii.gov/trails/#/trail/mokuleia-forest-reserve-access-road/165).

For map to the campground and include GPS coordinates at the intersections:(https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dofaw/files/2021/03/Mokuleia-Forest-Reserve-Campground-Map.pdf)


Special Conditions

Public access through the Yokohama Guard shack is from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  4WD access only.  Everyone in the vehicle must be listed on the permit.  Only street legal vehicles are allowed; registration, safety check and insurance must be current.  Permits must be printed out and on hand at all times. No Parking on Air Force Installation over night.  All paved roads and areas immediately adjacent to paved roads are considered a part of the Air Force Installation.  

At the campground, no water is available. Check-out from campsites is by 12:00pm. Check-in to campsite is any time after 2:00pm.



icons/hazards/icon-fallingrocks.gif Falling Rocks

icons/hazards/icon-dangerouscliff.gif Hazardous Cliff

icons/hazards/icon-fallingtree.png Falling Tree

icons/hazards/icon-floodedroad.png Flooded Road

icons/hazards/icon-slipperyroad.png Slippery Road


icons/prohibited/no-motorizedvehicles.gif No Motorized Vehicles/ATV's

icons/prohibited/no-alcohol.gif No Alcoholic Beverages

icons/prohibited/no-openfires.gif No Open Fires

icons/prohibited/no-littering.gif No Littering/Dumping

icons/prohibited/no-commercial.gif No Commercial Activities

icons/prohibited/no-plantsanddirtrockremoval.gif No Plant Removal


icons/activities/icon-bicycle.gif Bicycles

icons/activities/icon-dogwithleash.gif Dogs on Leash

icons/activities/icon-hiking.gif Hiking

icons/activities/icon-jeep.gif Jeep

icons/activities/icon-wildlifeviewing.gif Wildlife Viewing


icons/amenities/icon-bathroom.gif Restrooms icons/amenities/icon-camping.gif Camping area
icons/amenities/icon-picnic.gif Picnic tables icons/amenities/icon-hiking.gif Hiking trails
icons/amenities/icon-pavilion.gif Pavilion


icons/facilities/icon-campsites.gif Campsites

icons/facilities/icon-nodrinkingwater.gif No Drinking Water

icons/facilities/icon-picnicpavilion.gif Picnic Pavilion

icons/facilities/icon-picnictable.gif Picnic table

icons/facilities/icon-restroom.gif Restroom

icons/facilities/icon-scenicview.gif Scenic Viewpoint

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