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Home to the world famous Kalalau Trail.

Napali Coast Camping Permit Info & Access

With the ongoing construction to Kūhiō Highway the Division of State Parks and the public have to be flexible and patient with the management of overnight permits for the Nāpali Coast SWP.  Our goal is to ensure that permits are not sold during periods when Hāʻena State Park and Nāpali Coast SWP will be inaccessible due to road closures.  Camping permits will be made available at the discretion of the Division of State Parks for periods when there is anticipated to be no concerns accessing the parks.  We understand these permits are in high demand and that scheduling remains difficult during these times.  We ask that you please be patient as we all work together to recover from the impacts of the April 2018 floods.

  • Napali Coast Camping Permits are now available 90-days in advance!
  • As of November 2019, limited overnight parking is available at the trailhead in Hāʻena State Park.  Overnight parking must be purchased at gohaena.com AFTER securing your camping permits.
  • Overnight parking is now available in coordination with the North Shore Shuttle at Aliʻi Kai Resort in Princeville. For more information please call (808) 826-9988

Anticipated Closures for Kuhio Highway

  • Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) informs the public of scheduled night closures of Kuhio Highway at Waioli Bridge, which is between Anae Road and Kumu Road, from 7:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. Tuesday, September 3 through Thursday, September 5 (note, the last closure will end at 5 a.m. Friday, September 6). For more information please click here: Kuhio Closures September 3-5

Camping permits for the Kalalau Trail are only issued for Kalalau Valley however the permits allow for 1-night camping (each way) at Hanakoa.  Hanakoa and Kalalau, are the only two authorized areas for camping along the Kalalau trail. Hanakoa is roughly 6 miles from the trailhead.  Hikers are encouraged to stop/camp at Hanakoa if they possess a permit for Kalalau and need a break or antcipate bad weather.  A stopover at Hanakoa, counts as one night, and therefore reduces the total number of nights permitted at Kalalau.


Hawaii Residents:  $15 per person per night.

Non-residents:  $20 per person per night.

• The maximum length of stay along the Kalalau Trail is 5 consecutive nights
•  The maximum length of stay at Miloli'i Valley is 3 consecutive nights.
• During summer (May 15 to Sept 7) boat/kayak landings are allowed ONLY with a valid camping permit at Kalalau and Milolii.
• Archaeological sites are prevalent in the camping areas and are protected by law. Do not disassemble rock walls.
No camping or loitering in the emergency helicopter landing zones.


Trailhead at end of Kuhio Highway (Hwy 56) in Ha'ena State Park; Kalalau and Miloli‘i Valleys accessible by kayak from May 15 through September 7.  Nu‘alolo Kai accessible for day use by commercial boat tours or by private boats.

NOTE: The camping area at Miloli'i is accessible by boat or kayak only - there is no overland access.


Special Conditions

Pack out what you packed in. NO CAMPFIRES ALLOWED. Cook on campstoves or portable grills only. Boil or treat water before drinking. Only stream water available. Clean campsite and surrounding areas before leaving. No security personnel, emergency services or cell phone coverage. For emergencies, you must signal a passing boat or helicopter, or hike out for help. During summer period (May 15 to Sept 7) boat/kayak landings are allowed ONLY with a valid camping permit at Kalalau and Milolii. FOR CIVIL DEFENSE EMERGENCIES (i.e. Hurricane or Tsunami warnings), there is no warning siren in this park. If time allows, warnings will be broadcast by civil defense aircraft.

Permits for Kalalau shall be valid for Hanakoa on the first and/or last night of camping along the Kalalau Trail. Permitees must choose between the two areas. Hikers are encouraged to stopover and camp at Hanakoa if they possess a valid permit for Kalalau and they feel the need to break up their trek due to such factors as fatigue, inclement weather, or impending darkness.

Camping is prohibited along the trail route except for the designated camping areas at Hanakoa and Kalalau.

No two consecutive nights allowed at Hanakoa.

As of November 2019, limited overnight parking is available at the trailhead in Hāʻena State Park.  Overnight parking must be purchased at gohaena.com AFTER securing your camping permits.


Commercial uses within State Parks are prohibited.  This includes guided hikes/overnight trips, as well as boat drop-off or pick-up from Napali Coast destinations, except by special permit.

EXPERIENCED HIKERS ONLY – trail is narrow in places and contains steep and slippery sections with sheer drop-offs.

Some campsites are located within archaeological complexes. Leave all archaeological features undisturbed – DO NOT MOVE ROCKS, DO NOT CONSTRUCT CAMPSITES OR FIRE RINGS.

ROCKFALL HAZARD – Heed all warning signs and never linger or camp adjacent to cliffs or rock faces.

FLASH FLOOD HAZARD – Never cross a stream if the water is above your knees.

HAZARDOUS CLIFFS - The Kalalau trail traverses topography with extreme cliff faces - move slowly and cautiously in areas where the trail is narrow and adjacent to cliffs - or turn back if you doubt your skill.


HANAKOA – camping allowed on terraces in vicinity of shelters and composting toilet.

KALALAU – camping allowed on terraces immediately adjacent to Kalalau Beach and on sand beach above the high wash of waves. NO CAMPING IN KALALAU VALLEY OR ALONG STREAMS, NO CAMPING IN CAVES OR ADJACENT TO CLIFFS. NO CAMPING ON EMERGENCY HELIPADS.



icons/hazards/icon-fallingrocks.gif Falling Rocks

icons/hazards/icon-dangerouscliff.gif Hazardous Cliff

icons/hazards/icon-flashflood.gif Flash Flood

icons/hazards/icon-dangerousshorebreak.gif Dangerous Shorebreak

icons/hazards/icon-highsurf.gif High Surf

icons/hazards/icon-ripcurrents.gif Rip Currents

icons/hazards/icon-slipperyrocks.gif Slippery Rocks

icons/hazards/icon-strongcurrent.gif Strong Current

icons/hazards/icon-suddendropoffs.gif Sudden Drop Off

icons/hazards/icon-wavebreaks.gif Waves Break on Ledge


No prohibited.


No activities.


icons/amenities/icon-bathroom.gif Restrooms icons/amenities/icon-camping.gif Camping area
icons/amenities/icon-hiking.gif Hiking trails icons/amenities/icon-no_security.gif NO Security Guards
icons/amenities/icon-no_lifeguard.gif NO Lifeguards icons/amenities/icon-no_cellservice.gif NO Cell Service
icons/amenities/icon-no_lights.gif NO Lights


No facilities.

No sites.


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