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The Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Forestry and Wildlife provides camping facilities for public recreation.  Campers must make reservations online and obtain camping permits before their trip.  To address health and safety issues related to COVID-19, new conditions for camping permits have been developed.  They are as follows:

  •     Be advised that campgrounds are not to be used as a place of quarantine.
  • Campgrounds  may be closed without much advanced notice due to shifting nature of COVID-19.  It is recommended that you check the camping website and your email just prior to your camping trip for the latest updates and review DOH general information on how to protect yourself/others.
  • All guest most follow State of Hawaii and Kauai County COVID-19 proclamations and regulations.  
  • If you are an out-of-state/interisland visitor and participating in the pretravel program, please ensure you have the proper verification documents during your stay.   
  •  If you, or a person with whom you have close contact with, are showing COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19, stay home and monitor your health. 
  •     Group sizes not to exceed 10 people.
  • All guests must remain within 6 feet of anyone not of the same household.
  • Guests must wear masks when going to and from campsite and bathrooms.  Practice safe social distancing rules and guidelines from other visitors in the area.
  • Campers are to clean and sanitize all picnic tables, benches, etc. upon arrival and before checking out.
  • Guests must provide their own liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Be advised that campground facilities are not cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Be advised that not all campsites have available water and campers must be prepared to bring their own.
  •          To minimize the overlap of camping reservations, groups may occupy the campsite from 3:00PM on the first day of their reservation and must leave by 1200PM on their departure date.  


·     ·     In the interests of keeping all guests safe, DLNR reserves the right to evict guests who do not abide by COVID rules as set by Emergency Order and cancel their remaining nights without refund.


Campsite Description:

This tree covered campground within the Puu Ka Pele Forest Reserve is adjacent to the Waimea River and has a nice view of Poo Kaeha Peak. The site is equipped with a trail shelter and a composting toilet.

See the brochure, Hiking Safely in Hawaii

Absolutely no open fires are allowed in the Canyon. All fires must be in a containment device (e.g.:gas stove)


3 hour hike from road. 1/2 mile up stream from Wiliwili campsite on east bank of Waimea River via Koaie Canyon Trail,which starts about a half mile up the Waimea River from the bottom of Kukui Trail. It takes you on a route along the south side of Koaie Canyon, with good scenery and swimming holes. It passes from Puu ka Pele Forest Reserve into Na Pali-Kona Forest Reserve.


Special Conditions

DANGER: Do not try to access this campsite during stormy weather or if there is heavy rain in the mountains. These conditions will lead to possible flash flooding which will make stream crossing potentially hazardous and life threatening.

Absolutely no open fires are allowed in the Canyon. All fires must be in a containment device (e.g.: gas stove).

Leptospirosis is a real threat and you should assume all untreated water may be contaminated with the Leptospira bacteria. If using stream water, filters may not be sufficient to remove the bacteria so it is advisable to boil or chemically treat the water.

You will be hiking and camping in a designated public hunting area. Wear bright colored clothing and stay on marked trails.


No hazards.


No prohibited.


No activities.


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